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NDIS Disability Entrepreneur Support

NDIS Disability Entrepreneur Support is a strategy by the Federal government to address the low rates of employment for people with disability. The stakeholders in this scheme include the NDIS participants, employers and mainstream employee assistance services, which help in achieving the goal of better employment chances for the disabled.

In simple words, you can say that NDIS Disability Entrepreneur Support in Sydney or anywhere in Australia is to fund support as entrepreneurs in employment for participants who need extra help to achieve their employment goals. It is also known as entrepreneur supported employment.

Entrepreneur Employment Disability Services Funded By NDIS
NDIS is an insurance scheme, mainly aimed to provide a better quality life for people living with a disability under the age of 65 years, including Entrepreneur Pathways. The services that you could enjoy in this category include:

On the job support if you need it at your workspace
Entrepreneur Pathways-related assessment and counselling
Individual and group entrepreneur employment support, as supported under community participation NDIS.
School leaver Entrepreneur Employment Supports(SLES)

Disability Entrepreneur helps participants build their work-related skills to find or keep a job, especially in the field of self employment or small business like entrepreneur pathways.
Workplace-specific supports like building modifications and employment specific aids and equipment like computer and tables
Transport for work activities like meetings.

Income support for job seekers
Disability employment services in Australia is not restricted to the aforementioned services, but also a few others. NDIS has identified that the members would be responsible for building relationships with mainstream providers and the local community, to improve the understandings of the employment and entrepreneur needs of people living with disability.

NDIS has positioned itself to respond to the participant’s entrepreneur employment needs and provide NDIS participants with better working conditions and encouragement to move ahead in small business and self employment. The 12 Step Entrepreneur Pathways Program has proved especially successful in assisting NDIS participants make the transition to self employed small business person.

The overarching goal of the 12 Step Entrepreneur Pathways Program is targeted to provide NDIS Participants with an independent income stream, and a quality and respectful life.
NDIS Disability Entrepreneur Employment Services are designed explicitly to bridge the gaps that exist in the present system..

At Disability Entrepreneur we appreciate that we alone are not enough to bring in this change in the community. We encourage the family, organization to do their bit towards disability entrepreneur employment services in Sydney along with NDIS assist personal activities.

Who Is Eligible For NDIS Entrepreneur Employment Disability Services?
NDIS entrepreneur employment disability services are available for Australian citizens, Permanent citizens, and special category visa holders living in Australia, aged between 7 and 65 years. The participants should have a permanent and significant disability (you will either need support from another person or use special equipment to help the participant with their needs).


Other Ways Of Entrepreneur Employment Disability Services
Entrepreneur Employment Disability Services are available for disabled individuals in the form of small business entrepreneur support as they look for work. These services are mainly targeted to find self employment, or start up a entrepreneur small business. Depending upon the specific type of business, service or product the NDIS entrepreneur participant has in mind, Disability Entrepreneur can support the participants need to actively achieve these goals through the 12 Step Entrepreneur Pathways Program.

It is a widely understood fact that people with disability are significantly under-represented in the workforce. What is perhaps not so well known is that people with a disability have a higher propensity for entrepreneurship, something that we recognise and encourage at Disability Entrepreneur.

People with disability, like any job seeker, have valuable skills, qualifications and experience they can contribute to society. That is why at Disability Entrepreneur, we believe that disability is not equal to inability. We offer disability entrepreneur employment services and entrepreneur employment opportunities for people living with disabilities.

We believe in carefully mentoring you at your own pace, working through the 12 Step Entrepreneur Pathways Program, allowing even more people to make a positive and meaningful contribution in their community.